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Sure, I can do a lot of thing for you when it comes to online business.

 Do you what to start making money from the internet? If yes, there are few things I can do for you right know.


  1. I can create premium blog for you for only NGN 3,000 
  1. I can Register custom Domain name  for only NGN 4,500 
  1. I can create facebook fan page for you only NGN 500 
  1. I can develop a new hosted blog with custom domain name for you (NGN 35,000)
  1. I can develop a new blog for you with 20 original articles (NGN 45,000)
  2. I can set up a full affiliated store for you with custom domain name (NGN35,000/$150)
  3. I can write original blog post (450+ words and more with unique image) for you. (NGN1,500)
  1. I will publish your sponsored post on my blog for a month NGN1,500
  2. I can teach you personally to make money online NGN10,000 for 3 month
  3. I can create E-book for you that you can sell on any topics for only NGN20,000
  4. 1 hour consultation on phone/office NGN500 [*POPULAR]


Contact me: 08131035860 or E-mail:



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