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Dennis Da-ala Mirilla: Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 Review – The Fans Remember

Nothing gives us greater joy as human beings than to see a self-appointed enemy of ours plan to destroy us, only for them to be betrayed by their allies. Good riddance. Lord Varys won’t be missed, not by me nor the many faithful to the one true queen. Let everyone know that it was indeed Jon Snow who brought this upon them, end of story.
“Blood is thicker than water.” Is this what the saying means? I pondered as Tyrion lay down his life for his family who almost got him executed falsely. The look on Tywin Lannister’s face if he were still alive would have been priceless.
The foolishness of the masses is what got them killed. How convenient is it that they chose not to hear the legend of the great “Breaker of Chains,” who with her dragons had came to free the people. Somehow they picked Cersei. Or were they choosing the devil they knew? Cersei as the devil I know would make me gladly dance with the angel I don’t. But the people of Kings Landing chose otherwise, and that was their undoing. The one true queen returned with an army. She came to Westeros with a promise to burn anything that stood in her way down. Daenerys Targaryen, the consuming fire. She reduced Kings Landing to ashes with fire, once tall, resplendent buildings and statues turned to dust because Cersei was a false queen.
The day that Kings Landing was brought to its knees has gone down in history as the bloodiest war the world has ever seen. Every single enemy of the queen vanquished in fire. The Queen Daenerys of house Targaryen has chosen to rule Westeros with fear. The right choice, I must say, considering all the rulers before her, including the noble Eddard Stark ruled with fear and it worked just fine. Daenerys anger could not be contained. Gone are the days of pity and mercy. The day for action came and all were vanquished under her rage, starting with Euron Greyjoy’s armada. It was a good feeling, seeing the commander of the Golden Army run for his life, only to have his head flung off by the Dothrakis.
Arya Stark was there and so we all could worry a little bit less. She came for Cersei, along with her travel buddy, the Hound, returning for his own vengeance against his brother, the Mountain, Cersei’s chief guard. After fighting the undead all night in the North, little did we know that the real undead lay in King’s Landing by Cersei’s side, and only fire could kill him. I wonder if the nun, Unella, who for days tortured Cersei into confessing in the Sept, and taking her walk of atonement, will rejoice now that her “god” is dead. Or did she fall like the many others in the capital?
Judgement came for House Lannister. The North remembered, and there was no hiding place. Crocodile tears never felt so crocodile-esque until it dropped off Cersei’s cheeks. What was she sorry about? She had her chance and she chose the other way. Reality was the real b**** as it dawned on Cersei in bold letters: You are all alone. She knew it and never had she been happier to see a familiar face. As she made her escape alone through the dungeons below the Red Keep, her brother, the King Slayer, having just slain someone who called himself a king, was there to greet her, as the world literarily crumbled upon them. They were never married, but even in death they remained together. So sad it was never a love story to begin with.
As we wear sack cloths and take to the streets or social media to mourn our beloved who were slain in the wars of Westeros, we should all remember that it was Jon Snow who brought war to the doorsteps of the guilty and innocent of King’s Landing, despite all the lies that is being said about the queen. D. B. Weiss and David Benioff should hear this loud and clear: The fans remember.
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