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LG's Tone Free wireless earbuds come with a case that kills bacteria

It might be a little late to the party, but LG now has its own wireless earbuds. They're called Tone Free (the irony seems to be lost on LG), and yes, they're basically a copy of Apple's AirPods. 
Given there are dozens of those around — nearly every major phone manufacturer, including Samsung , Huawei and Sony , has launched similar earbuds in the past year or two — it's cool to see LG bringing something new to the table.
The LG Tone Free earbuds are fully wireless earbuds with a portable charging/carrying case, which offers up to 21 hours of total playtime (the buds have a 6-hour battery life on their own). The case charges them pretty fast — LG says you'll get one hour of playtime from a five-minute charge.  Read more... More about Lg , Earbuds , Lg Tone Free , Tech , and Big Tech Companies

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