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SCANDAL: Audio exposes NC boss Kofi Amoah hatching plans to disqualify Palmer even before vetting

A massive scandal has rocked the chairman of the Normalisation Committee of the Ghana FA, Dr Kofi Amoah, as he has been secretly recorded vowing to disqualify Wilfred Osei 'Palmer' Kwaku from contesting the elections of the federation months before the Tema Youth owner faced the Vetting Committee.The audio that was recorded about three months ago during a secret meeting exposes Amoah, who was expected to be neutral in the vetting process according to FIFA laws, already vowing to throw out Palmer.Dr Amoah was heard in the secret meeting, with a group journalists he has honed to back him in the media with positive commentary, telling them of the decision to ban Palmer from the race.Palmer faced the Vetting Committee just last week and five days ago was told of the Vetting Committee's decision to ban just him from the race citing the same reasons that Dr Amoah had claimed.Even before the Vetting Committee had been set up, Amoah implied to the reporters he has hired to support in with positive commentary that he will whatever it takes to stop Palmer from contesting the race."Now this guy Palmer !! You signed an agreement in your...

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