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Digital Encode raises concerns over total reliance on cyber security solutions

Digital Encode, foremost cyber security and Compliance Advisory Company, has cautioned organisations on over dependence of cyber security products for protection against cyber -attacks.
Wale Obadare and Oluseyi Akindeinde, both founders of Digital encode also expressed worries over the implementation of none impactful cyber security solutions to organisations by vendors which has resulted in increased loss of money and data by organisations.
They spoke at the recent Digital Encode retreat for the company’s staff in Dubai, United Arab Emirate to equip them for a blissful career.
Obadare, further said that major challenge organisations face in the fight against cyber criminals and cyber warfare is lack of trained manpower.
“I have been in the cyber security ecosystem for many years now and have identified lack of trained manpower in most organisations. Cyber security is not a certificate that speaks for you, but a continuous training to be ahead of the smart criminals. Most organisations find it difficult to continually update their IT security staff to be able to face cyber threats,” he said.
Akindeinde, emphasised on the need for a national cyber security framework against industry specific frameworks.
“There are a number of frameworks aimed at assisting most organisations in preventing cyber attacks. A prime example is the ISO 27001 ISMS. A more specific one for the financial / payments sector is the PCI DSS. This is a regulatory framework. I think it’s a case of the level of maturity of cybersecurity in the banking sector. Other sectors have not got to that advanced stage of maturity which is why the banks seem to be at the forefront of preventing and addressing issues related to Cybersecurity,” he said.
Digital Encode has shown leadership by setting her workforce up for success; instill in them a sense of bigger purpose, and giving them the confidence to persevere when the work gets challenging.
According to Wale Obadare, “since inception of Digital Encode in 2003, It has always been our dream, our passion, to build a game-changing organisation; a place where employees have a sense of belonging, a big family, a great place where everyone is proud of. This year in pursuant of the dream, we decided to take all of our staff on this trip to Dubai for the 2019 annual retreat. Digital Encode is passionate to attract, motivate and develop a dynamic workforce that conquers the world from Lagos, Nigeria”.
In his presentation, Oluseyi Akindeinde, said: “By taking the team away from a stressful environment, Digital Encode has made sure that they decompress all over again because as the saying goes, “less stress means more productive workers”.
Jumoke Akiyode-Lawanson

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