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Meghan Cremer murder trial accused withdrew bail application

Shiraaz Jaftha, one from the three suspects connected to Meghan Cremer’s murder case withdrew his application for bail at Athlone Magistrate’s Court, on Wednesday.

Three suspects were initially arrested for possession of the stolen vehicle

The three suspects were arrested in August – after being found in possession of Cremer’s stolen car- they remain in police custody as they are now facing murder charges.

“In the evening at about 20:00 police arrested three male suspects ages 27, 34 and 35 for the illegal possession of the presumably stolen motor vehicle. The investigation brought to light that the car indeed belonged to the 30-year-old female reported as missing to local police.”
Captain FC Van Wyk

Two of the three suspects ditched their bail hearing in August

Jeremy Dias 27, Charles Daniels 39, and Shiraaz Jaftha, 34; were charged with murder soon after the body of 30-year-old Meghan Cremer was discovered at a sand mine in Philippi on August 8. 

On 15 August, two of the three men accused of murdering Meghan Cremer ditched their bail hearing applications at Athlone’s Magistrate’s Court.

The murder suspects have prior convictions and pending cases

The suspects have prior convictions and pending cases; Jaftha who was applying for bail on Wednesday has a pending murder case and drug conviction. Sias has a car theft case and has been previously convicted on an assault charge. Daniels has a pending theft case including a drug conviction.

Their case was postponed to October 2019

In August, during what would have been their bail hearing application, Sias and Daniels motioned that they would not apply for bail, and for further investigation by the police, their case was postponed for October 2019.

A scheduled peaceful protest of the “No Bail Application” for Meghan Cremer’s murder suspects took place outside the courthouse, as activists waited for the suspects who did not show. The same group of women sat in the gallery of Athlone Magistrate’s Court, on Wednesday and patiently waited to see what would transpire during proceedings, of what was scheduled to be a bail hearing

Meghan Cremer was found lifeless in a Phillipi farm

Meghan Cremer went missing on 3 August, at 18:00, when she left Rietvlei, her home where she stays with a friend. The circumstances of her disappearance were shaky, but a private investigator partnered with South African Police Services for the search.

A day before Women’s Day, Cape Town police confirmed that the missing woman, Meghan Cremer, had been found dead on a Phillipi farm in the early hours of Thursday morning.

“Our investigation and search operation led us to a sand mine on a Philippi farm this morning at around 01:00 where the body of the missing person was found. “
Captain FC Van Wyk


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