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#WorldSuicidePreventionDay: How Music Can Help With Depression, Anxiety

Music is a proven mood lifter. Music has always been therapeutic. Everyone knows someone that listens to music to relax or think clearly, either at work or at home. We all have a song that gets us in a better mood no matter what we are dealing with: depression, anxiety or any other emotional disorders. There’s something about the melodies, arrangements and the overall package, regardless of genre, that causes a positive biological reaction in the body. 
Today is global World Suicide Prevention Day – an annual awareness day to provide worldwide commitment and action to preventing suicides. Mental health issues like depression and anxiety are the leading contributors to suicide globally and music has been medically proven to help with these issues. 
It may not be a standalone solution for depression and anxiety but music, as a form of therapy, greatly improves the outcomes of clinical treatment for depression, anxiety and other emotional disorders. In fact, it is mandated in the UK that doctors and psychologists use music therapy in the treatment of these disorders and ultimately, preventing suicide. 
Away from the clinical aspects of music in relation to treating depression and anxiety, music can also help with mood swings, inspires creativity, helps you breathe better and also helps reduce blood pressure. In other words, bring out your speakers and headphones, listen to some music and spread some love today as we continue the fight to reduce suicide and the things that cause it.
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