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Er Jie Curry Puff – Spicing Things Up in the Basement of Golden Mile Tower

Curry puff is one of Singaporeans’ favourite teatime snacks.
Sitting in the basement of Golden Mile Tower, ErJie Curry Puff (娥姐咖喱卟) sells very good handmade curry puffs. The stall is extremely popular with the office crowd in the area, but has been kept a secret from the “outside world”.

What started as a dessert place has evolved to an eatery selling chap chye peng for lunch; and curry puffs and coffee for tea break. Owner, Er Jie, who is known for her signature chicken curry puff, is friendly and soft spoken and always greets customers with a smile.
Er Jie loves to eat curry puffs and always make it at home for her family. It has received nods of approval so she started selling it at her stall after 3.30pm every day. Everything here is made from scratch. She makes the skin at least one day before, and after the lunch crowd clears, she will start wrapping the curry puffs.

There was a unanimous chorus of approval from our team — we couldn’t stop praising the filling as well as the pastry. The filling is made with a mix of potatoes, as well as chicken and egg. Er Jie doesn’t cook the rempah together with the chicken cubes. Instead, she cooks the chicken separately and adds it to the curry in small batches so as to ensure that every puff gets a good amount of chicken cubes.

Making about 200 curry puffs a day and with only a small deep-fryer at the side, Er Jie fries the curry puffs in small batches. As with every deep-fried curry puff, the worry is always about biting into an oil-filled curry puff. You can be assured that Er Jie’s version is nothing of that sort. Deep-fried in hot oil until golden brown, the flaky and buttery pastry crumbles easily with each bite.
I couldn’t resist tucking into a fresh, piping hot puff. The rempah was fragrant and moderately spicy. This was a curry puff that I couldn’t get enough of.

ErJie Curry Puff (娥姐咖喱卟)
Address: 6001 Golden Mile Tower #B1-62, Singapore 199589
Phone: 9857 8964
Opening Hours: curry puffs are available from 3pm to 7pm, closed on Saturdays

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