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Behaviour Insight: Discover your Personal and Career Strengths

In any workplace, laziness, tardiness, rudeness, rumor mongering or any other bad attitudes weaken overall morale which in turn affects performance and client satisfaction. This is why most employers insist that candidates undergo behavior tests before making hiring decisions.
What is Behavioural Assessment?
Behaviour assessment is a method in the field of psychology that observes, describes, explains, predicts and helps to correct bad behavior. This type of assessment is useful in clinical, educational and corporate settings.

In the work world, the result derived from an employee or a job search candidate’s behavioural test tells the person’s personal and career strengths, so as to identify growth potential and highest performance levels. The reports derived are often based on a scoring logic that captures the tendency of the test taker to portray a socially desirable image and/ or inconsistent responses.
How Behaviour Insight Guides Hiring Decisions
Personality / Behavioural assessment is becoming a critical factor for quick selection of best-fit employees. Making it one of the key factors that determine a candidate’s success or failure in a job search.

Every job role has unique behavior traits that are required for good performance. However, most job roles have an overlap of some of these traits. Accurate competency mapping for each job role ensures that candidates are measured for behaviours that are most important for given job roles.
Why You Should Get Tested
Getting your personality assessed helps you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as seen by self and others. A good way to also understand who you are and your capabilities are knowing the opinions of the people closest to you; and what better way to achieve this than using the Jobberman Behavior Insight tool . With other people (at least two people) giving you feedback, there is a good chance the attributes from your results are accurate. The report then gives you a “language” with which you can confidently talk about your strengths and potential development areas.

When tackling a new challenge or experiencing a specific situation, your knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses derived from the test will guide you on which attribute will be most useful.
Your Employer Wants You Assessed
To managers, having little or no knowledge about the personalities of their employees is a recipe for disaster. This is why most employers want their employees tested for a number of reasons which are; but not limited to:

Guide HR managers with the right training programs for employees.
Help understand employee data trends.
Facilitate appraisal activities and decisions.

Shed light on employees’ emotional well-being; stress, pressure, inability to adhere to timelines, lack of cohesiveness with the team, lack of motivation, etc., which when brought to the notice of the HR can be countered with intervention.

Understand the right employee motivation to adopt.
Identify leadership potential among employees which is not only determined by experience.

Jobberman Behavior Insight Tool
Jobberman has designed the most user-friendly behaviour assessment tool that gives you 99% accurate results. The report is created to help you identify your top strengths, hidden strengths, and areas that you have the power to improve. In the test, you are asked to identify your best six and then your next best six attributes. You are also allowed to request for the opinions (endorsement) of at least two friends and colleagues who must also complete the same process.

Because it is mandatory to select twelve attributes, the tendency of people to over- or underestimate you are minimized. The feedback from others are collated and the attributes are ranked from 1 to 18, with 1 being the clearest strength that others see.

Remember that something which ranks low is not “bad”. For example, if you are short, the word tall least describes you but there is nothing wrong with being short - there are always pros and cons to every attribute.

Behaviour assessment is the now and future of recruitment & performance management. Take the test HERE and identify your growth potentials. It only takes 10 minutes!

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